Behind the Lens

I'm a fun-loving adventure seeker who finds joy in creating and capturing beautiful connections wherever I go.



Since the beginning, I’ve been a fun-loving, crazy collection of opposites: sun loving night owl, introverted-extrovert, paint-smattered jean-wearing “girly-girl.” I wear a Cadbury egg-like “tough” exterior with a “get back up when life knocks you down” kinda attitude. Soft and gooey on the inside, I’m the most sympathetic, non-crying softy you'll ever meet.  

After years of trying to fit my photographic style into a marketable “one size fits all” box, I finally decided it was ok to be a photographer who likes to color outside of the lines. A person who celebrates the paradoxical blend of personality traits rather than seeking conformity. A storyteller who goes off script now and then. My wide-ranging, eclectic portfolio allows me to cheat boredom by dappling in creative and diverse spaces that are both personal and client led. If your story is dark and moody or bright and airy, no matter, I’ve spent years learning to creatively capture the spectrum. 

I’m an observer of people. No, not in a weird stalkish way. Seriously, I love capturing the human connection that spans cultural barriers. Your story. I love giving life to my clients' narratives by comprehending their artistic vision and attentively recognizing and listening to their priorities. Whether you know it or not, your story is worn like a cloak. From the unaware, tee-toeing toddler to the grandparent who revels in each moment knowing that days are numbered. Your story is discovered buried in expressive eyes, brought to life by animated gestures and well-worn movements, and captured by a perceptive observer, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries. 

Our time is limited, and eventually, memories are all that remain. It’s my joy and privilege to document your intimate story and unique moments. It’s the true reason behind my passion and commitment to the photography profession.  

Read on for a little more about me.

Lover of light,  travel, and the soft, glowing colors brought to life during golden hour at the beach.

my favorite things:


Suitcase Prefered

I prefer a suitcase to being stuck in the same place for too long. My favorite outdoorsy trip - New Zealand. My favorite historical trip - Israel. Europe - oh, the stories I could tell.
Charleston... I love Charleston.
Is your destination wedding on my bucket list? Let's talk.


my "Shoepid" guilty pleasure 

Definition of Shoepidity: The act of wearing ridiculously uncomfortable shoes just because they look good. Yup. Embarrassing, but true... I've actually cataloged my shoe collection with images on the front of each box. Weird, right?!?



I like to garden. The smell of fresh dirt and digging with my hands makes me feel like a child again.


Favorite meal

Smoked salmon with brown rice and grilled vegetables is my jam. Rioja, yes please. Snobbish? No, not me. How do I choose my favorite wines... 90+ pts. or better at Costco, please. 



My guys. My men. They keep me on my toes. Believe it or not, they're as hilarious as they are handsome. Dearest ladies - while the quick-witted silverback is taken... you'd be lucky to snag a younger. 


Favorite part of my "job"

I am blessed to call photography my "job".
I love making people smile and creating treasured memories.
I love delivering client galleries and making people happy.
Genuinely happy.
Here today and gone tomorrow... but not if you let me capture the milestones for you.

are we meant to be?

My clients are seekers of classic beauty & timeless elegance, lovers of travel, with a taste for adventure and creative flair. 

That’s it for me, now I want to hear your story!
Knowing who you are as a couple or family is the part of the "job" I love the most!
So, let’s grab some coffee or chat on the phone and start the process of documenting your story today.

Does this sound like you?

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