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Middleton Place, located along the Ashley River in Charleston, South Carolina, is a remarkable historic site that offers a glimpse into the rich and complex history of the United States. Today, the gardens cover more than 65 acres and have been carefully maintained over the centuries. 
As one of Charleston's premier wedding venues, Middleton Place is an exquisite location to plan your luxurious wedding event.

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Oh where, oh where will our next workshop be?

It's guaranteed to be somewhere warm... sultry breezes will kiss your skin with salt remnants left as a sweet momento.

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Better Together PRESETS & Actions

BT PRESETS and Actions

Does editing scare you? Are you having a difficult time creating cohesive galleries? Are you interested in learning how to create elegant & emotive portraits with less stress? Shucks, what's the difference between a preset and an action? Connect below to learn more.

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Do you want unfettered access? One on one time to ask the questions that are personal to developing your photography skills and brand? I'm an open book.

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Most photographers feel alone and isolated on the road to starting their business. Similar to many other professions, photographers need to prove their worth with quality portfolios prior to gaining their ideal client base. How much time & money does it take before you're ready to market yourself? What should you prioritize? This and other questions discussed when you join the Better Together Community. 

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BETTER Together

Are you looking for wedding photography resources to better your business?
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