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Top 7 Shoes for Wedding Photographers

January 25, 2024

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Wedding days are a whirlwind of joy and unforgettable moments, but for an on-the-go photographer trying to capture every detail, weddings are physically demanding. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of comfortable footwear, exploring the best shoes for wedding photographers aiming to make it through long events with style and ease. We’ll be comparing my favorite popular brands – Rothy’s, Taos, Hoka, Olukai, Bionica, Oofos and Crocs – to help you make an informed decision based on style, comfort, and cost.


Rothy's shoes are stylish and comfortable for wedding photographers.

Rothy’s are stylish, sustainable flats made from recycled materials. These chic shoes provide a professional look with the comfort required for extended standing. Despite being pricier, the cost is justified with their washability. Yes, I personally vouch for their ability to be washed and look brand new. It’s not a hoax. Rothy’s are an essential for wedding photographers who want to maintain their classy shoe style after a day of working in a Southern “toad-strangler”.


Taos shoe is a comfortable option for women on-the-go.

Combining style with orthopedic comfort, Taos footwear features supportive footbeds and arch support. For photographers seeking a balance between fashion and comfort, Taos is a suitable choice. While the price might be slightly high, I prefer to spend my money on quality designed shoes. After all, work shoes are a tax write-off, are they not?


Hoka shoes for wedding photographers

Hoka is renowned for its running shoes, but they also offer models suitable for everyday wear. These shoes provide a high level of cushion and support, great for photographers dealing with foot pain. While they may not be the most fashionable option, the emphasis on comfort makes them a strong contender for those prioritizing foot well-being over style.


Olukai shoes for wedding photographers

Olukai brings a touch of island-inspired design to their footwear while ensuring premium comfort. Known for their supportive insoles and quality materials, Olukai shoes strike a balance between style and functionality. Wedding photographers looking for a comfortable yet stylish option might find Olukai to be a good fit. While the price point is moderately high, you already know how I feel about profit well spent. In addition, I particularly appreciate the flexible heel feature offered in many Olukai styles. This specialty feature enables a quick foot slide or the option for full heel coverage and support.


Bionica shoes for wedding vendors

Bionica specializes in creating lightweight and supportive footwear. Their designs often incorporate advanced technology for superior comfort, making them suitable for long hours of work. While the style might not be as trendy as some other brands, Bionica offers practicality for photographers who prioritize foot health and happiness. I personally own a variety of Bionica shoes and love them all.


Oofos shoes for wedding photographers

The company Oofos takes a unique approach to footwear incorporating their proprietary OOfoam technology. Oofos is designed to absorb impact and provide unparalleled comfort. Despite a less formal style, Oofos is beneficial for reducing strain and fatigue when on your feet for extended periods of time. I purchased my first pair of Oofos when recovering from a broken foot. During my recovery, Oofos were a game-changer in my ability to walk further with less pain.


Crocs for wedding photographers

Last but not least, Crocs have evolved to offer stylish options suitable for various occasions, including weddings. The price point for Crocs is relatively low, while the comfort provided is high. Their lightweight design and slip-on convenience is crucial for photographers who want to focus on capturing moments without the discomfort of aching feet. Oh, and last but not least… they’re washable.


Selecting the appropriate footwear for long days on your feet requires considering style, comfort, and cost. Brands like Rothy’s, Taos, Hoka, Olukai, Bionica, and Oofos each have unique strengths. It’s important to choose the brand that’s right for you without compromising comfort. Assess your priorities to make an informed decision and ensure your well-being! Comfortable feet lead to a happier photographer, which in turn lead to providing your clients with a top-notch experience.

Affiliate Disclaimer: While some of the product links within this blog post might be affiliate links, I only recommend what I’ve actually purchased and love myself.

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