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Aviator Cake Smash First Birthday

February 3, 2024

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Embark on a high-flying adventure with an aviation-themed cake smash session! Soar through cuteness as your little pilot takes the cake, creating sweet memories above the clouds. Get ready for a messy, marvelous celebration – because every aviator deserves a cake smash flight! Calling all passengers, buckle up for the sweetest milestone ride!

Aviator Cake Smash First Birthday

First Birthday Session Takes Flight

When working with children, it’s necessary to move at a fun and quick pace. Parents may be asked to help their child relax or to get their attention during the session. While cake smash sessions are scheduled for an hour, that doesn’t mean little ones will allow me to capture them for that long. Therefore, I shoot a lot in a little amount of time. I move through outfit changes quickly – especially if we have a unhappy baby on our hands!

Three Steps for Cake Smash Success

At Alisha Cory Photography, each cake smash celebration includes three steps for success: clean, messy and splash portraits.

Step One: Clean Portraits

Prior to making a birthday mess, each session begins with simplistic or “clean” portraits of your baby. While I love styled cake smash sessions, I also want my clients to have beautiful, clean photos of their baby for generations to come. During this part of the session, be prepared to run around after your baby and constantly sit them back in the photo shoot area. In addition, don’t be surprised if your little one gets frustrated with being confined to one place, just have some of baby’s favorite things ready to distract.

Step Two: Messy Cake Smash Portraits

Once the cake is brought in, the fun begins! The messy part of the cake smash session moves fast. Your baby will set the pace, as some little ones are eager to dig into the cake and others are more hesitant and need encouragement. If your little one is shy about digging into the frosting, parents might need to get in there and show them how it’s done!

WARNING: Most little ones cry at some point during this process.

Some a lot, some a little. It’s great fun when parents break out baby’s favorite treats or start singing and dancing to baby’s favorite songs. Crocodile tears fade and smiles quickly abound with parent involvement. Just know that if your little one is teary-eyed we’ll stick it out and keep shooting. Some of the best photos come between screams! (LOL.)

Step Three: Splash Portraits

cake smash splash in tub

Splish, splash, here comes the bath! Following cake demolition, your baby needs to get clean… so why not capture the fun? Most babies love bath-time and splashing, so this part of the session usually brings on the smiles. For this little aviator, his post-flight bath was filled with giggles and adorable splashes!

As we conclude this journey into the clouds of joy and sweetness, I hope you’re excited to plan and prepare for your little one’s unique cake smash. Similar to this pilot’s travels, rest assured that your baby’s celebration will fill your heart with joy and create a photo album brimming with precious moments.

If you’re ready for your cake smash takeoff or have additional questions, let’s connect!

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